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Keep Your Content Clear, Concise & Catchy: The “3 C’s” Rule for Creating Winning Amazon Listings

by Shelly Meier, VP of Account Management



According to a 2015 Microsoft study, the average consumer’s attention span has dropped to just eight seconds.  This mean, as an Amazon seller, you have a very short window to prove to prospective customers that your product is worthy of their continued attention.  A good rule of thumb for crafting winning Amazon listing content is to follow what I refer to as the rule of the “3 C’s”:

Amazon listings require a Headline or product title, key descriptors or bullets points, a description, video (if your account qualifies) images. Below, you will see the “3 C’s” rule applied to all aspects of an Amazon listing for a pair of children’s animal slippers



“3 C’s” headline example:

Fuzzy Bunny Slippers (Kids Sizes 5-10 US) – Soft and Cuddly Rabbit Slippers with Anti-Slip Soles Keep Little Feet Warm and Safe

Clear – Be as specific as possible regarding the product you are offering.  While a consumer may enter a general search like “kids’ animal slippers”, if your headline excludes details like size, color, or style, customers are more likely to scroll right on by.

Concise – While it may be tempting to cram your headline full of every keyword you’ve uncovered, it’s important to pick and choose the most relevant ones.  “Keyword stuffing” may confuse customers and headlines that are too long may be truncated by Amazon.

Catchy –  While being cognizant of length, adding a word or phrase to provide some descriptive detail (i.e. colorful adjectives or mentioning the key feature/benefit) allows customers to make a connection with your product.


Bullet Points

Once a customer has clicked on your listing, clear, descriptive content will make their purchasing decision easier.  Amazon allows five bullet points per listing.  Each bullet should focus on a key product feature and benefit.  List the most important features and benefits first, and reserve the fifth bullet to state exactly what’s included in the offer.

Bullet points, by nature, are designed to be a synopsis of information.  Be sure to include relevant keywords and some catchy adjectives (super soft, adorable) but keep the content concise and easy to read.

Example bullet points, with features highlighted in red and benefits highlighted in blue:

  • Super soft fleece slippers provide warmth and comfort for little feet

  • Indoor and outdoor anti-slip rubber soles reduce the risk of slipping or falling; allows kids to wear slippers during both rest and play

  • Adorable animal design appeals to boys and girls of all ages; slippers make a great gift for birthdays and holidays

  • Machine washable for easy maintenance; dry slippers on low heat or let air dry

  • Includes one pair of Fuzzy Bunny Slippers (fits Kids sizes 5-10 US)


Product Description

Utilize the description to more colorfully describe your product’s features and benefits through language expressive (catchy) language that provides clear and accurate product details.  If you have any remaining keywords that haven’t yet been integrated into your listing, include them in the description to ensure they get picked up by Amazon’s search algorithm.

Keep in mind that mobile users see the Product Description first (desktop users encounter the Bullet Points first), so you still want to be concise and avoid rambling.

“3 C’s” description example:

Kids love bunnies, and our soft and cuddly, warm and fuzzy bunny slippers are no exception!  Your child can relax or play in ultimate comfort once they slide their feet into their fleece slippers, designed with both comfort and safety in mind.  Anti-slip soles give them traction while they play and can be worn both indoors or outdoors. 

These adorable rabbit slippers make a perfect gift for children of any age!   

We know how important easy maintenance is for kids’ products, so we designed our slipper to be machine washable!  Slippers should be dried on the low setting or air-dried.

Fuzzy Bunny Slippers make kids smile, while you rest easy knowing that your child’s feet stay warm and comfortable!



The final step in creating a winning listing is to use images that both follow Amazon’s image requirements and showcase the product in its best light.  Use clear, high-resolution images with at least one side being 1000 pixels to ensure that customers can zoom in on the photo.

While Amazon requires that Primary images show the product, without props, on a pure white background, your secondary images can and should be catchy.  Examples of secondary images for Fuzzy Bunny Slippers could include a shot of the anti-slip soles, a child wearing the slippers indoors while relaxing, a child wearing the slippers while playing outdoors, or a pair of slippers being held over a washing machine by mom or dad.  If your product has a wide target audience, it’s a good idea to showcase the product being used by a variety of people.

If you have multiple interesting shots that stage the product in different ways, go ahead and use as many as Amazon will allow for your category.  Try not to repeat images or use images that are too similar.  In this case, being concise mean only using images that showcase your product well and not maxing out on the allotted images simply because space is available.

While results are never guaranteed, following the “3 C’s” rule will allow prospective customers to find your listings more easily and improve your chance of success on Amazon!


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