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Amazon project zero

Recently Amazon launched a new program called Project Zero. This program is developed to help brand protect their business on Amazon from counterfeits. The name refers to Amazon ‘s goal of reducing the counterfeits to Zero.

The program is by invitation only at this time and available only to US sellers/brands. We expect this program to but will evolve over time and will be made available to a larger number of brands.

The program has three components

  1. Amazon’s Automated Protections – Amazon scans listings using machine learning technology and identifies listings from unauthorized sellers. Amazon claims that they remove infringing listings although there is no report/dashboard available to verify.

  2. Self-service counterfeit removal tool – In addition to filing counterfeit claims from Seller Central and Brand Registry portal, now brands can remove the counterfeits directly. Amazon prefers that you do a test buy but it this method not effective if the counterfeit seller is in China and not using Fulfillment By Amazon. It takes 2-3 weeks to receive counterfeit products while brands are losing sales. You can remove counterfeit sellers without doing a test buy but there is a risk that Amazon may kick you off the Project Zero program

  3. Product Serialization – A brand can choose to add the Amazon Transparency code on each product to Serialize it. Please refer to our blog on Amazon Transparency program for additional details.


Here are the requirements for a brand to be eligible.

  • The brand must have a registered trademark. Pending trademarks are not qualified

  • The brand must be registered with Amazon in the Amazon Brand Registry Portal

  • Brands must maintain a high level of accuracy in the violations they file

  • Brands do not need to be in the transparency program but from our experience transparency program is highly effective. The downside of the program is that it adds to Cost of Goods – Amazon Fees plus printing and labeling cost.

  • Project Zero if a free program however Transparency program can cost 1 cent to 5 per unit manufactured per unit manufactured depending on the volume.


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