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Reviews are very important to the success of a product on Amazon. Amazon Reviews are widely used by buyers not only for buying a product on Amazon but also making a purchase decision in in retail. Amazon Reviews are trusted by consumers although from time to time you will encounter a fake review.

Reviews are important for increasing your sales rank and revenue – the more reviews, the more buys. The more buys, the more reviews. The more buys, the higher your rank in search and the more sales you get.

In our experience only 1% to 1.5% of all buyers will write a review. Typically, buyers write a review if they are happy with the product or do not like the product. A review rating of 3.5 stars and above is generally considered good on Amazon. Using third parties or friends and family to write a review is not a good practice and if caught your account can get suspended by Amazon.

You can request a buyer to post a review by sending them 1 email. Many services such as Feedback Five, Helium 10, Feedback Express and many more. In order for a buyer to write a review you need to offer some incentive. Below is a strategy used by many sellers to encourage the buyers by offering a free gift. The gift could be a free product that the buyer has already purchased or another product. Amazon does not allow you to make this offer using the Amazon Seller Central platform. It is considered a violation of Amazon’s policies.

Here is one way to get accelerated reviews without braking Amazon rules. Let’s assume the product is a neck and back travel pillow called SleepSweet

  1. Take some of your inventory and add a sticker or a card with it. The card says “for a FREE XX product please visit

  2. The is a single page site (you could use or any other free website tools). The site asks you for an email and once you enter the email, it will display instructions on how to redeem your free gift.

  3. In addition, you can email the same instructions to the email address provided by the buyer.

  4. The buyer goes to Amazon and adds a review for the product on Amazon.

  5. Amazon will accept the review and send the buyer an email within 24 hours.

  6. The Buyer forwards the email to along with shipping address where the free product should be sent.

  7. Your customer services monitors the email and upon reviewing the email sends a free product.

Example of a brand email to send from amazon

In our experience 3% to 4% of all buyers who are offered a free product will write a 4- or 5-star review. This is 2-4 times the normal rate of reviews.


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